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Ford Cortina Mark III (19701976)


1972 Ford Cortina Mk3

In the late 1960s, Ford set about developing a third generation Cortina, which would be produced in higher volumes than before.

The Mark III Detroit-inspired "coke bottle" shaped Cortina was a hit amongst fleet buyers. It replaced both the Cortina Mark II and the larger, more expensive Ford Corsair by offering more trim levels and the option of larger engines than the Mark II.

MK3 Cortina with Cosworth Turbo

>>>>> Video <<<<<

The MacPherson strut front suspension was replaced with more conventional double A-arm suspension to give the car a soft 'freeway' ride. The larger engines induced distinct under steer.

Ford UK originally wanted to call it something other than Cortina, but the name stuck. Although the Mark III looked significantly larger than the boxier Mark II, it was actually the same overall length, but 4 inches (100 mm) wider.

Trim levels were now Base, L (for Luxury), XL (Xtra Luxury), GT (Grand Touring) and GXL (Grand Xtra Luxury). 1.3 L, 1.6 L and 2.0 L engines were offered, the 1.6 L having two distinct types - the Kent unit for models up to GT trim and a SOHC Pinto unit for the GT and GXL, the latter of which was also offered in 1600 form for a short while. 2.0 L variants used a larger version of the 1600 Pinto unit and were available in all trim levels except base.

Ford Cortina Mark 3 as seen in Bristol 1983


Ford Cortina Mark 3 seen in 1983

Cortina Mark III

Production 1970-1976
1,126,559 units
Body style(s) 2-door saloon
4-door saloon
5-door estate
2-door convertible (conversion)
2-door pickup (P100)
Engine(s) 1.3L OHV "Kent" Straight-4
1.6L OHV "Kent" Straight-4
1.6L OHC "Pinto" Straight-4
2.0L OHC "Pinto" Straight-4
3.0L OHV "Essex" V6 (South Africa)
3.3L OHV Straight-6 (Australia)
4.1L OHV Straight-6 (Australia)

Four headlights and Rostyle wheels marked out the GT and GXL versions, while the GXL also had bodyside rubstrips, a vinyl roof and a brushed metal and black tail panel on the GXL and plain black one on the GT. All models featured a downward sloping dashboard with deeply recessed dials and all coil suspension all round. In general styling and technical make up, many observed that the Mark III aped the Vauxhall Victor FD of 1967.

In late 1973, the car received a facelift. Outside, there were revised grilles, rectangular headlights for the XL, GT and the new 2000E (the "E" standing for executive), which replaced the GXL. The 1.3 L Kent engine was carried over but now, 1.6 L models all used the more modern 1.6 L SOHC engine.

Inside, the car received a neater dashboard that no longer sloped away from the driver's line of sight and upgraded trim. The 2000E reverted to the classy treatment offered by the 1600E instead of the faux wood-grain trim offered by the GXL.

From 1972, the third generation Cortina was the most popular new car in Britain. The Mark III was never sold in the US, although it was available in Canada until 1973.

The Mark III was available in South Africa as the XLE with the Essex V6 3.0L engine. There was also a pickup truck version available.

For Japan, the cars were literally squashed by a few millimetres at each end on arrival in the country in order that they fit into a lower tax bracket.

In British television series Life on Mars, DCI Gene Hunt drives a then-current bronze Ford Cortina 2000E dressed to resemble an earlier GXL.

1973 Ford Cortina 2000E


Ford Cortina III 2000E 1973

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Four-stroke Performance Tuning: A Practical Guide By A.Graham Bell from

'"remains one of the most comprehensive references available to the enthusiast engine tuner and race engine builder"

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I would love to have a 1965 mini!! :). I mean, how couldn't you love those cars. ....but when I'm old enough, your damn right I'm getting a mini!!! =D
Triumph Herald Restored
The MGB is simply a good classic car. it lets you get into the classic car scene without nightmare bills or issues. I love its design and its British heritage.....
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hello here is one of my morris minor restored to 95%
I've been the owner of several Capri's in my younger years, 1300 L, 2x 1600 ghia's and a 1975 2.0 GT JPS limited edition. They are Fantastic motors ( bit light on the rear end ) but total a joy to drive. Maybe 1 day I'll give up the modern cars an go back to the  ole faithful Capri again. I miss driving them

magnificent muscle car - AMC Javelin

Had my cherokee 4.0 auto classic xj for over 4 years ,ultra reliable,its all black..looks good and is good...I will never part with it...hell it wants for nothing..xj rules ..UK jeep man.
i think these cars are great to work on - Chevrolet Chevelle
wow the cars here in this page are absolutely wonderful i love the updated versions of the mgs from the nineties as well as the ones from the sixties and seventies too

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