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Daimler SP250

Daimler SP250 Classic Sports Car

 public domain  ChiemseeMan

 Daimler SP250 1960

The Daimler Dart was launched at the 1959 New York Motor Show, and its greatest success was in the American market. It had a fibreglass body, four wheel Girling disc brakes, and a 2.5 litre Hemi-head V8 designed by Edward Turner. They were soon forced to drop the Dart name when threatened with legal action by Chrysler’s Dodge division, the car was then renamed the Daimler SP250. [1]

Daimler Dart SP250: 1964 Oldtimer Ride

>>>>> Video <<<<<

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Comment "The colors of all these cars are gorgeous By JibloOo"

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The original A-spec version could do 120 mph, but the chassis, a “14-gauge ladder frame with cruciform bracing”, flexed so much that doors came open, marring its reputation.[2]

Jaguar bought Daimler in 1960, and were immediately concerned about the chassis flex. They brought out the B-spec version with extra outriggers on the chassis and a strengthening hoop between the A posts. There were also other detail improvements, including an adjustable steering column. [1]

There was a C-spec version introduced in 1963 with some additional luxuries as standard equipment.

2645 were produced.



Daimler SP250 (Classic Reprint Series) By Brian Long from

ENGINE: V type, eight cylinder, water cooled, OHV, Bore 3", Stroke 2.75", Capacity 153 cubic inches (2.547 litres) Single high camshaft operated valves through short alloy pushrods. Double heavy duty valve springs. Aluminium alloy hemispherical cylinder heads. Stiff 5 main bearing crankshaft, dynamically balanced. Compression ratio 8.2:1 Twin SU carburettors. BHP 140 @ 5800 rpm. Max Torque 155 ft·lbf at 3600 rpm. SU electric fuel pump.

IGNITION: Coil and distributor with auto and vacuum control.

LUBRICATION: Submerged gear type oil pump. Full flow filter. Sump capacity 1.75 US gallons.

COOLING SYSTEM: Pressurised radiator with fan, pump and thermostat control.

TRANSMISSION: 4 speeds with synchromesh on top three ratios. Provision for overdrive. Automatic optional.

REAR AXLE: Hypoid bevel 3.58:1

STEERING: Cam type.

SUSPENSION: Independent front with coil springs. Half elliptics at rear. Oversize dampers.

BRAKES: Discs on all four wheels, hydraulic operation.


Daimler SP250 "Dart"
Manufacturer Daimler Motor Company
Production 1959–1964
Class Sports car
Body style(s) 2 seat open car
Layout FR layout
Engine(s) 2.5 litre V-8
Transmission(s) 4-speed manual
Wheelbase 92 in (2,337 mm)[1]
Length 165 in (4,191 mm)[1]
Width 60 in (1,524 mm)[1]
Height 50.25 in (1,276 mm)[1]
Curb weight 2,070 lb (940 kg)



A car with hard top tested by The Motor magazine in 1960 had a top speed of 123.7 mph (199.1 km/h) and could accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 8.9 seconds. A fuel consumption of 25 miles per imperial gallon (11 L/100 km; 21 mpg-US) was recorded. The test car cost £1489 including taxes.


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Wiki Source

More pictures of the Daimler SP250 Sports Car

White Daimler SP250 Sports Car


Daimler SP250 1960

Daimler SP250 Dart ( 2500 V8 ) Sports Car


Daimler SP250 Dart ( 2500 V8 )

Daimler SP250 Classic Sports Car


"Called SP250 as opposed to Dart in North American since Dodge owned the Dart name. Fibreglass body. One of only 2,648 made."



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Daimler SP250 Classic Sports Car from Rodger
Daimler SP250 Classic Sports Car Engine Bay
Here are some photos of a 1963 Daimler SP 250. These cars were built from 1959 to 1964. They had fibreglass bodies and a 2.5 litre (152 Hemi V8.
Daimler is an English car company (1896) with no connection to the later Daimler-Benz, other than the fact that both companies started with patents from Karl Benz, at different times.
Daimler was bought by Jaguar in 1960, and, after the SP 250 (approx. 2,650 built) and a few continuation limousines for royalty and heads of state, is still represented by Daimler badge-engineered Jaguars, supplied to the European market.

Rodger M



The colors of all these cars are gorgeous  By JibloOo


Daimler SP250 Dart Red Interior


Daimler SP250 Dart Interior



Text and images from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. under the GNU Free Documentation License  - Disclaimers  Please verify all information from other sources  as no liability can be accepted for the accuracy of this page.Published by


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