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1963 Austin Mini Super-Deluxe Mk I Car

GNU Free Documentation License SteveBaker

1963 Austin Mini Super-Deluxe Mk I

The Mini (from Latin "small") is the name of a small car produced from 1959 to 2000, and the name of its replacement (known as the New MINI) launched in 2001.

The original Mini was a revolutionary and distinctive small car designed for the British Motor Corporation (BMC) by Sir Alec Issigonis (1906–1988). It was manufactured in the United Kingdom (Longbridge and Cowley), Australia, Belgium, Chile, Italy, Spain, South Africa and Venezuela.

A very cool Mini Cooper

Video / Movie

Watch out for the finale at the end

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The Mk I Mini - 1959 to 1967

Comment "Great fun I have 5 only garage space stops me from buying more"

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Designed as project ADO15 (Austin Design Office), the first models were marketed with the names Austin Seven (often written as SE7EN) and Morris Mini-Minor (Latin "Small-Smaller") in England. Until 1962, they appeared as the Austin 850 and Morris 850 in North America and France. The production model differed from the original prototype (affectionately named "The Orange Box") due to the addition of a front sub frame, on which the engine was mounted, and by the engine being mounted with the carburettor at the back, rather than at the front, as in the prototype, due to carburettor-icing. This required an extra cog in the revolutionary transmission, which reduced the top speed from an unprecedented 90 mph to a more manageable (for the time) 72 mph. The car suspension also featured the use of rubber cones as springs – a design adapted from Issigonis's home-built racer.

All early Minis utilised a conventional four-cylinder water-cooled engine, but departed from previous auto designs by mounting the engine transversely and placing the engine-oil-lubricated transmission in the sump--all of this to allow for front wheel drive, an elegant technical innovation ahead of its time. This compact engine design "pushed" the passenger space forward, creating a surprisingly roomy interior for a car with a diminutive overall footprint. Almost all small front wheel drive cars built since the 1970s have followed this design model.

To keep manual labour costs low, the Mini was assembled with quirky welded seams that are visible on the outside of the car running down the A and C pillars and between the body and the floor pan.

The Mini also had an unusual suspension system that used rubber cones instead of conventional springs in order to save space. This lead to a rather raw and bumpy ride - but this very rigidity, together with specially designed 10-inch diameter wheels pushed out to the corners of the car, gave the Mini its famous go-kart-like handling.

In 1964, the suspension in the higher-end models was replaced by a hydrolastic system. The new suspension created a softer ride, but it also increased weight and production cost, and in the minds of many enthusiasts, spoiled the handling characteristics for which the Mini was so famous. In 1971 the original rubber suspension reappeared and was retained for the remaining life of the Mini.

The Mini Car
Manufacturer BMC to MG Rover, and Innocenti, Authi
Production 1959–2000
Successor BMW MINI
Class Supermini
Layout FF layout
Engine(s) A-series, 850–1275 cc I4
Transmission(s) 4-speed manual
4-speed automatic/
5 speed manual (some models only)
Wheelbase 2.04 m (80.3 in) (saloon)
2.14 m (84.3 in) (estate and commercials)
Length 3.05 m (120.1 in) (saloon)[1]
3.40 m (133.9 in) (estate and commercials)
Width 1.40 m (55.1 in)
Height 1.35 m (53.1 in)
Kerb weight 617 to 686 kg (1,360 to 1,512 lb)
Designer Sir Alec Issigonis

The Mini etched its place into popular culture in the 1960s with well-publicised purchases by film and music stars. Members of The Beatles and even Queen Elizabeth II owned one.

The popularity of the original Mini spawned many models that targeted different markets:

1968 Riley Elf Mk III Car

public domain - Arpingstone.

1968 Riley Elf Mk III

1961 and 1969: The Wolseley Hornet (reviving a sports car name from the 1930s), also known as the Riley Elf. Intended to be a luxurious small car with a more substantial boot (trunk) and a slightly different front.

1961 and 1969 (UK only): the Morris Mini Traveller and the Austin Mini Countryman. Standard two-door estates with double "barn-door" style rear doors. The luxury models had wood inserts in the rear body. (This "half-timbered" styling is something uniquely and, according to some, bizarrely British.)

The Mini Van and Pick-up. Commercial panel van and truck derivatives. Built on the estate car chassis but without side-windows and with a flat-bed, respectively.

The Austin and Morris Mini Moke. A bizarre all utility vehicle, this Jeep look-alike was first designed for the British Army, but without a good ground clearance or four wheel drive, it proved unworthy for military use.

Sales were strong across most of the model lines in the 1960s, but the car never made money for its makers. It had to be sold at less than its production cost to compete with rivals. It is also rumoured that due to an accounting error, the car was always incorrectly priced and each sale made a loss for the company.


The Mini Cooper and Cooper S


Issigonis' friend John Cooper, owner of the Cooper Car

Monte Carlo Rally Results for Minii


Pat Moss/Ann Wisdom

Ladies' Award


Rauno Aaltonen/Tony Ambrose

3rd Place


Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon



Timid Makinen/Patrick Vanson

4th Place


Timo Makinen/Paul Easter



Timo Makinen/Paul Easter



Rauno Aaltonen/Tony Ambrose



Paddy Hopkirk/Henry Liddon



Rauno Aaltonen/Henry Liddon



Rauno Aaltonen/Henry Liddon

3rd Place


Tony Fall/Mike Wood

4th Place


Paddy Hopkirk/Ron Crellin

5th Place

Company and Formula 1 Champion and rally driver in 1959 and 1960, saw the potential of the little car, and after some experimentation and testing, the two men collaborated to create a nimble, economical, and inexpensive car. The Austin Mini Cooper and Morris Mini Cooper debuted in 1962.

The original 848 cc engine from the Morris Mini-Minor was increased to 997 cc, boosting power from 34 bhp to 55 bhp (25 to 41 kW). The car featured a racing-tuned engine, double SU carburettors, and disc brakes, uncommon at the time in a small car. 1,000 units of this iteration were commissioned by management, intended for, and designed to meet the homologation rules of Group 2 rally racing. The 997 cc engine was replaced by a shorter stroke 998 cc unit in 1964. By the time production of the Cooper model ended in 1967, 12,274 of these popular cars had been sold to the public. A more powerful Mini Cooper, dubbed the "S", was developed in tandem and released in 1963. Featuring a 1071 cc engine and larger disc brakes, 4,030 Cooper Ss were produced and sold until the model was updated in August 1964. Cooper also produced two models specifically for circuit racing, rated at 970 cc and a 1275 cc, both of which were also offered to the public. The smaller engine model was not well received and only 963 were built until the model was discontinued in 1965. Over 40,000 1275 cc Cooper S models were produced before this too was discontinued in 1971.


The Mini Cooper S earned acclaim with Monte Carlo Rally victories in 1964, 1965, and 1967. Minis were initially placed first, second and third in 1966 rally as well, but were disqualified after a controversial decision by the French judges. The disqualification related to the use of a variable resistance headlamp dimming circuit in place of a dual filament lamp. It should be noted that the Citroen DS that was eventually awarded first place had illegal white headlamps but escaped disqualification. The driver of the Citroen, Paul Toivonen, was reluctant to accept the trophy and vowed that he'd never race for Citroen again.

Mini Cooper S 1.3i

Video / Movie

With sun roof !

Tell us what you think ?

The Mk II Mini - 1967 to 1970

1968 Austin Mini Cooper Mk II Car

public domainn - Arpingstone..

1968 Austin Mini Cooper Mk II


From 1967 to 1970, Issigonis had been designing a replacement for the Mini in the form of an experimental model called the 9X. It was shorter and more powerful than the Mini, but due to politicking inside British Leyland, which had been formed from the merger of BMC and Standard-Triumph, the car was not built. It was an intriguing "might-have-been"; the car was technologically advanced and many believe it would have been competitive up until the 1980s.

Updated 998 cc and 1275 cc models were produced after the introduction of the Mk II body type in 1967. Production of the 998 cc variant ended in 1969, with over 55,000 cars sold. The 1275 cc variant soldiered on, adopting the slightly modified Mk III body type in 1969–70, until January 1972. The Cooper company was quick to develop and sell a conversion kit for export models, which registered steady sales until 1975.

bewildering variety of Mini types were also made in Pamplona, Spain by the Authi company from 1968 onwards, mostly under the Morris name.

The Mini was arguably the star of the 1969 film The Italian Job which featured a car chase in which gang of thieves drove three Minis down staircases, through storm drains, over buildings and finally into the back of a moving bus. This movie was remade using the new MINI in 2003.


The Mini Clubman

Mini Clubman showing a face-lifted, square design

Creative Commons Licence     johnbullas

Mini Clubman showing a face-lifted, square design. The original rounder design remained available..

In the early 1970s, under the ownership of British Leyland, the Mini was given a facelift. The restyled version was called the Mini Clubman, and sported a modern, more square look. A new model, dubbed the 1275 GT, was slated as the replacement for the old Mini Cooper S. The Clubman Estate took over where the Countryman and Traveller left off. British Leyland continued to produce the classic 1960s designs, however. This was a smart move, as the Clubman was nearly universally panned, and faded away quickly.


The Mk III Mini - 1971 to 2000

In 1971, the Mini Cooper design was licensed in Italy by Innocenti and in 1973 to Spain by Authi (Automoviles de Turismo Hispano-Ingleses), which began to produce the Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300 and the Authi Mini Cooper 1300, respectively.

In the late 1970s, Innocenti introduced the Innocenti 90 and 120, Bertone-designed hatchbacks based on the Mini platform. Bertone also created a Mini Cooper equivalent, christened the Innocenti de Tomaso, that sported a 1275 cc turbocharged engine.

Reports of the Mini's imminent demise surfaced again in 1980 with the unsuccessful launch of the Austin Mini-Metro (badging showed the word 'mini' in all lowercase). In 1981 in New Zealand, the Mini starred in a "road trip" movie directed by Geoff Murphy called Goodbye Pork Pie. By this time, however, the Mini was beginning to fall out of favor in many export markets. South African, Australian, and New Zealand production all stopped around this time. In New Zealand, assembly lines switched to the newly popular Honda City.

1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biaritz and a 1996 Mini Cooper

Public Domain

1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biaritz and a 1996 Mini Cooper

Through the 1980s, the British market enjoyed numerous "special editions" of the Mini, which shifted the car from a mass-market item into a fashionable icon. It was this image that perhaps helped the Mini become such an asset for BMW, which later bought the remnants of BMC as the Rover Group. It was even more popular in Japan, where it was seen as a retro-cool icon, and inspired many imitators at major Japanese automakers.

Mini Cabriolet special edition Car

GNU Free Documentation License Martin Conway

Mini Cabriolet special edition

A new Mini Cooper named the RSP (Rover Special Products) was briefly relaunched in 1990 to 1991, with slightly lower performance than the 1960s Cooper. It proved so popular that the new Cooper-marked Mini went into full production in late 1991. From 1992, Coopers were fitted with a fuel-injected version of the 1275 cc engine, and in 1997 a multi-point fuel injected engine was introduced, along with a front mounted radiator and various safety improvements.

In 1994 under Bernd Pischetsrieder, a nephew of Issigonis, BMW took control of the Rover Group, which included the Mini, fitting an airbag to comply with European legislation. By 2000, Rover was still suffering massive losses, and BMW decided to dispose of most of the company: MG and Rover went to Phoenix, a new British consortium; and Land Rover went to Ford. BMW kept the Mini brand name and now sells a completely new Mini, technically unrelated to the old car.

Production of the original Mini outlasted its major competitors, the Volkswagen Beetle, the Citroën 2CV, and the Austin Metro, at least in Europe. The final Mini rolled off the assembly line in October 2000. A total of 5.3 million cars had been manufactured..

Even after production ended, the Mini continued to be a cultural icon and shows up in movies such as The Bourne Identity (1997) as a beat-up but surprisingly capable vehicle for a car chase, or as in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001) as a collectible fashion icon garaged alongside other classic sports cars.


Unproduced prototypes

A number of prototypes were produced for vehicles based on the Mini, which never saw production, but which were displayed at the British Car Heritage museum at Gaydon. These included the Twini, a re-engineered four wheel drive Moke with two engines - one at the front, and another at the back; the Austin Ant, a second attempt to produce a four wheel drive vehicle, this time using a transfer case, which was cancelled when BMC acquired Land Rover, and a two-seater convertible MG edition of the Mini, cancelled due to it being perceived as competition for the MG Midget.


Minis in the United States

Between 1960 and 1967, approximately 10,000 BMC Minis were imported to the US. Sales were discontinued when stricter federal emission standards were imposed; BMC felt that it would be too expensive to make the Mini's engine compliant. Ironically, similar legislation was later introduced in Europe, and the A-series engine, with minor modifications, proved perfectly capable of complying with it.

Despite this, a small band of enthusiasts keep the legacy of the original car alive in the US, where cars more than 25 years old are generally exempt from emissions regulations. Minis that were originally sold in the US are becoming hard to find, so most of the restored Minis now running in the US have been imported - typically from Australia or New Zealand where the climate has limited the amount of rust formation and left hand drive cars are available for relatively low prices.


The new MINI

2004 MINI Cooper S Car

Public Domain Minesweeper

2004 MINI Cooper S, electric blue/white

When production of the Mini ceased in 2000, BMW (the new owner of the name) announced the successor to the Mini - which is variously called the BMW MINI or the 'new' MINI. The word 'MINI' is always written in capital letters when referring to the new car.

The BMW MINI is US emissions compliant and has been sold in the United States since 2002 at a rate of around 30,000 vehicles per year (2004 figures).

Mini Mini Car

Creative Commons Licence - johnbullas

Mini Mini

Stretch Mini Car

Creative Commons Licence - johnbullas

Stretch Mini

Mini Hotrod


Hotrod Mini



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Austin Mini Tricar

Read about the Mini Tri-Car >>>>

Valda's Mini car

Great Mini sent in by Valdas - many thanks

Austin Mini Pickup 1962 1380cc - Gary
Hi this is my wife's 1962 1380cc pick up I own a Toyota powered 16v turbo clubman and we are busy restoring a 850cc for my son. I will send some pics of the others later, thanks for a good site with great cars from South Africa Gary Cristina and Charlie
Tommy's Custom Mini Car
Hi, This is my custom build mini chop. It took my workshop about 2 years to build it, it has a 16V Toyota Motor in it, with it being turbo charged as well. I must say it’s a very interesting right up on you web site about the Mini’s. - Thanks - Tommy - South Africa - Mini Workshop
Custom Mini Car from Tommy

Comments, Questions & Answers

I like the mini's. I'm getting 1 as my first car and its gonna be fat, am gonna put a big bull bar on the front wid 4 lights and I'm gonna put a wide body kit on it, blacked out windows. I will try and fit 2 15inch subs in the boot with a bit of a skwees, put twin pipe exzors and a induction kit on it, bucket sears in the front and maybe a rollercage in it

Great fun I have 5 only garage space stops me from buying more
i want a mini
hello these are great car pics
best car ever.
it was cool
sik pics that black mini iz bad
where does the gearbox fit in the 16v mini ?
i wonder how the yellow mini in the movie is able to do this powerslides ! as far as i know the mini is a frontwheeler ?!?!
j'est adore vos photo
the mini of course! small, cheap and fast
omg I love minis I will want 1 when I'm older!!!

I had a 1961 Morris Mini-Minor back in Anchorage, AK and the "shocks" were ceramic and they broke easily and were very hard to find.

good web o and good stretch mini
all these carz are the best cars on road
Riley Elf Mini Car from David

A Riley Elf sent in by sent in by David, a nice little number

wicked cars i love them
this is a very good website and i enjoy watching it a lot i really enjoyed the videos and the pictures of the mini's
Hi! I'm from Uruguay ,South America, this car was produced in this country, in fibreglass body, through 70' to 74 and was very successful in sales and popular today. Bye!

Hi, I've just received a 1977 Clubman van and i have big resto plans for it. Can someone tell me how i can get the best performance out of my 998cc motor? I'm a big fan of keeping outside (almost) stock but giving it an un-expected kick! please feel free to give me an e-mail, your response will be greatly appreciated. Email

Hello I really enjoy reading and watching some of the videos on this website. I'm looking for an old Mini Cooper. I live in Arlington, Texas. But im not sure if anything has a car this cool and small around this area. im still looking for one and want to buy one near. if you know a place or anyone.. please let me know.. i'll be on this website everyday waiting for a comment. thanks you.

Samuel's White Mini 850 Car from Chile

Read About Samuel's Mini Car from Chile

i loved them all

coolest cars ever

I used to own a mini Pick up  CUP OF TEA  colour 1972 One owner from new I tried to restore it but once we got into it.. I had purchased all the Wings floors doors windows etc... everything  BUT  we had nothing to weld to and was discouraged 43,000 original miles RUNS  like clock *I miss it* Wish I never gave up on it  BUT I MOVED  to back to Canada and scrapped it  I also owned a 1983 Mini van I did it up 76,000 org miles Very tidy  VAN   RED AND BLACK  Tinted windows  UP GRADE  to 1300  1992  Cooper engine 4 speed  IT WAS VERY FAST (GRATEFUL DEAD ART WORK PAINTED ON IT oooooo)  My marriage broke up and was forced to sell  I was more upset over the car then i was loosing my wife

minis rule

I would love to have a 1965 mini!! :). I mean, how couldn't you love those cars. ....but when I'm old enough, your damn right I'm getting a mini!!! =D

Would it be possible to download the video clips and use them in a small video I am making about cars - it featured a runway race between three mini's so the clips you have got would be great and add extra interest - how much are they / Thanks : Great, breezy site, good photos !

Hi, the videos are available on Google Video, they can be downloaded but they are in a format special to Google, so I am not sure how you can use them the way you want. The videos are free to use on websites but not sure about using them in your own movies. If you get your movie together be sure to let us all know - Cheers.

i got a mini park lane and i love it minis are the best

Great site...nice pics and info

Great stuff! I'm in the market, and i hope that one day my mini will do sweet endo's! haha! that's just awesome!

I want to buy that mini pickup or any mini pickup.  If it's for sale or you know of one for sale, please let me know!

minis are so cool, anyone that has never been on a mini run is missing such a buzz, great site.

Hi I'm holly and am here for my project, this has helped a lot thanks xxx

Q. I have a 1959 mini truck. Can't seem to find any pics ?

Mini Pickup Car

creative commons - by mrflip

Very impressive :D I'm feeling the yellow mini hitting the endos! keep it up

Nice one Tommy

that mini is sick fat

well i must the yellow mini makes me wet and i would like to buy it i like the yellow one i am poor so i can't get one

cool site and i love mini's shame about the 'new' MINI its totally ruined the fun of the old time classic

the cars are hooooot, very good page !!! There are a lot of the best !!! Nice one !!! Have fun - ciao ciao

Your site rocks, we love the mini mini

Hey this site has awesome cars, i like the mini mini, that's cool.

Class banging cars - keep it up - well done


Hello, Cool Cars

yes minis are real head turners if they kept in great nick, I own a classic 850 morris mini and a rover mini 1.3i in Sri Lanka, there are around 300 minis in our island, great page, tks dirk

Mini Cooper Car 1969


Mini Cooper '69


Text and images from Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia. under the GNU Free Documentation License  - Disclaimers  Please verify all information from other sources  as no liability can be accepted for the accuracy of this page.Published by


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I would love to have a 1965 mini!! :). I mean, how couldn't you love those cars. ....but when I'm old enough, your damn right I'm getting a mini!!! =D
Triumph Herald Restored
The MGB is simply a good classic car. it lets you get into the classic car scene without nightmare bills or issues. I love its design and its British heritage.....
MG T - If they all were hardtops it would be a more all-weather car, huh?.....I would want a hardtop made for one if I owned it. :)
hello here is one of my morris minor restored to 95%
I've been the owner of several Capri's in my younger years, 1300 L, 2x 1600 ghia's and a 1975 2.0 GT JPS limited edition. They are Fantastic motors ( bit light on the rear end ) but total a joy to drive. Maybe 1 day I'll give up the modern cars an go back to the  ole faithful Capri again. I miss driving them

magnificent muscle car - AMC Javelin

Had my cherokee 4.0 auto classic xj for over 4 years ,ultra reliable,its all black..looks good and is good...I will never part with it...hell it wants for nothing..xj rules ..UK jeep man.
i think these cars are great to work on - Chevrolet Chevelle
wow the cars here in this page are absolutely wonderful i love the updated versions of the mgs from the nineties as well as the ones from the sixties and seventies too

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